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  • Intuitive Booking System

    Designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.

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    InstruManager is packed with features to make your life easy. Scroll down to get an idea!

  • PC Based

    InstruManager runs straight from your PC, meaning no need for web access or subscription fees. Buy it and it's yours for life.

  • Remote Access

    Use a MySQL database to access your database remotely wherever you go .

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Intuitive User Experience

The timeline area is at the heart of InstruManager, and it's been designed so that making and editing your bookings is as easy as possible.

Your bookings contain all the items you need for your project or task. Centralising the items around your booking means there's no duplication of information, making changes to timing is as easy as possible, and adding or removing items from your booking is quick and efficient.

By holding the SHIFT key, you can drag the mouse on an item's timeline to set the booking duration, then click on the other items you need to add them to your booking.

You can also drag item bookings to different lanes if, for example, the equipment you were intending to use develops a fault, or is required by someone else.

Dynamic Navigation

The date and time lanes at the top of the timeline allow you to navigate to days within the next couple of weeks at the click of a button, and drag the timeline to exactly when you need it.

If you need to go further afield, the date picker at the top of the timeline can be used to select the exact date and time you're looking for from .

There are keyboard shortcuts a plenty to make navigation easier, like using CTRL with N to go to now, with the arrow keys to move in weeks, and with the number keys to navigate your current and upcoming bookings.

Holding the CTRL key and scrolling the mouse wheel will change increase or decrease the span of the timeline. This means you can view the timeline to facilitate booking in 15 minute slots, or to block book days at a time.

Also, as each booking is allocated a unique reference, you can navigate to any booking easily using the reference code.

Availability at a glance

The equipment identifiers will show you until what time the item is free, booked or checked-out. You can see straight away whether the equipment you need will be available, and find alternatives if need be.

Equipment Information at a click!

Clicking the identifiers will show equipment information pane. You can see the item's image, status, location, calibration expiry, attributes you've defined, and links you've set up, such as the instruction manual.

Easy Access to Your Bookings

The My Bookings pane beside the timeline allows you to see any current and upcoming booking you've made. You can click on these to navigate to the booking, or double click to open the booking window.

Auto-generated Notifications

The in-built notification system will alert you when checks or calibrations are coming up, or if anyone has reported an issue with equipment you administrate. You can also receive the same alerts by email.

Group Items for Clarity

You equipment can be organised by type, or by the groups which you have defined. Groups can contain whichever equipment items you like. For example, a group could comprise a kit that contains 4 items always used together, or contain 4 items you would want to use to carry out a specific task, such as a meter, a field calibrator, a laptop and a camera.

The lanes on the timeline can also be arranged, collapsed or expanded by type or group. This makes it easier to focus on the equipment you're interested in.

When creating bookings, you can also arrange equipment by type or group. This allows easier selection of all the equipment needed to carry out a specific task.

Also, if you've set up multiple locations, you can filter the timeline to show only the equipment at the location you're interested in.

Got your eye on a piece of equipment?

WATCHERS are a great way to stay informed if you need a particular piece or type of equipment. By setting up a watcher, you can receive alerts when bookings are made, edited, or removed from items during a time period you are interested in.

Checking for Assurance

With InstruManager, bookings convey your intention to use equipment, but it is the checking-out and back in that takes the accuracy about what happened, and transference of responsibility of the equipment to another level.

By checking equipment in and out, InstruManager knows where it is, who has it, how many times it has actually been used (not just booked), total duration off-site etc.

Used in conjunction with a barcode scanner, checking-out and in is not only sped up, but also ensures your have the items you booked, and only those. Items can also be added to your booking at check-out time (e.g. taking a battery off the shelf from a pool of batteries), meaning you don't need to know specifically which one you will use when booking, but InstruManager does know what was taken, which can assist with finding out the number of recharges for example.

Checking equipment back in is also the perfect time to report any issues noted with the equipment to the administrators, and in-built messaging system is accessible directly from the check-in window to faciliate this. You will also be prompted at check-in to enter any variables being tracked, such as calibration drift, full-charge voltage etc.

You can view the checking-in/out lanes directly under the booking lanes on the timeline, which helps to see what is actually present, rather than just what has been booked. You can also set up a 'Check Out Message' to show users pertinent information, such as 'Make sure the memory card is in the unit!"

Conflict Prevention!

As all your items are in one booking, InstruManager will stop you changing your booking if an item you need is already booked, even if you cant see it because it's in a collapsed group, for example.

User Equipment

Equipment can be assigned to individuals, rather than put in the general booking pool. This allows equipment monitors to keep track of PPE, or individually assigned laptops, for example.

I couldn't help but notice...

InstruManager includes a notice board to disseminate any equipment related messages to the entire company/ department.

Items to Clipboard

By right-clicking on a booking, and selecting the desired fields from the export window, you can copy all the information you need about the equipment used to the clipboard, to paste into a word table, for example.

Auto-Generated Reports

InstruManager will generate reports for you showing all the equipment you have, along with any information you select, such as the number of times the item has been used during the selected time period.

A report can also be generated for each individual item, with graphs for any return variables being tracked, and details of any faults that occurred during the selected time period. This information can be useful to inform future purchasing choices or maintenance budgets.

When printing a schedule of all your equipment, InstruManager will give a total of the financial value specified for each equipment item. This is helpful when insuring all your technical equipment, for example.

The schedule can also include the barcodes for each item, meaning items can be scanned from a master list for ease.

Status Update

If an item needs to be removed from the booking pool to undergo maintenance for example, InstruManager can automatically alert anyone using the item in the future to allow them to change their booking.

Network File or Server Database

The database hosting InstruManager's information can either be an SQLite database file located on your computer or network, or a MySQL database hosted by your server - depending on your preference and setup.

Easy Migration

Equipment, Types, Groups, Users and Locations can all be imported from a table with all relevant information, like check and calibration dates, value, attributes (such as model, serial number) etc.

Who's Responsible?

Each administrator can be set to have responsibility for all equipment, or just specific items. This way, administrators will only receive alerts and reminders about equipment they care about.

Advanced Fault Tracking

InstruManager includes a fault tracking system, allowing you to log any faults with equipment, along with the steps taken in getting them resolved.

Logs are kept along the way, including any costs associated with any of the steps taken such as the cost of postage and any repairs deemed necessary. A total is calculated of any costs associated with the fault is also calculated.

The details of any faults associated with equipment are included with the printed equipment item reports. This includes details of the nature of the faults, the costs and time associated in getting them resolved. This should help inform future decisions regarding the purchasing of new equipment, or setting maintenance budgets for existing equipment.

Desktop Software

InstruManager runs straight from Windows, meaning there is no internet access dependency, subscription fees, concerns whether the website you're using will continue...

Logs Galore

InstruManager automatically logs when items are checked-out and in, and which booking they were used with, along any changes to check and calibration dates, links, attributes etc. You can also add a log at any time.

Need some downtime?

You can set up a downtime period for each item, to allow for downloading, recharging, etc. The downtime period is indicated on the timeline, but it's still your choice whether you observe it.

Tailored to you

Depending on how your company operates, you can specify whether users need passwords, who can edit other users' bookings, how dates appear, what currency you're using, if you want reminders etc. etc.

Ready to give it a try? Download and install InstruManager for 30 days of unrestricted use.


The pricing of InstruManager is based on the number of users your company will have. There are no limitations on functionality with the different versions, and you can set up as many databases as you like (for example, one for each department, each office etc.). If you require more users than the XL license, please contact us directly. You will also receive unlimited customer or technical support directly from us with the purchase of any license.

Small: 10 Users - £379

Specified with small businesses in mind, the Small license allows 10 users or less to use InstruManager.

Medium: 30 Users - £579

For medium-sized businesses, the Medium license allows 30 users or less to use InstruManager.

Large: 80 Users - £779

For the larger organisation with up to 80 users, the Large license is what you'll need.

Extra Large - £979

If you're intending to have up to 200 users of InstruManager, you will need the Extra Large license

You can purchase InstruManager from Omni-Central using the button below. You can also find accessories to help you make the most of the software, such as barcode scanners, and personalised sequential barcodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy InstruManager, are there any time-limits or on-going costs?

No. Once you buy your InstruManager license, it's yours for life. As a windows installed piece of software, you will be able to use it with any computer you like, providing this is within the terms of your license.

What if I need to increase the number of users my license allows for?

That's no problem. You will only pay the difference between your existing license, and the one you want to upgrade to. You can manage all this through omni-central.

Are there any plans for a cross-platform version?

We're currently working on a server-based installation, accessible regardless of your operating system. This would retain all the benefits of a non-web based product, but InstruManager would run in a browser.

How do I move an item from one location to another?

You could use the booking system, e.g. book the item 'In Transit', check the item out, then check it in at the new location. Alternatively, you can always override the items location in the administration area.

Are there any help guides or tutorials?

Yes, user guides, getting started guides and video tutorials are all available. Scroll down to the Resources section to access these.

Does InstruManager require a very fast network?

Being database driven, program operation will always have some dependency on your network infrastructure. If you are using a MySQL database hosted on a remote server, communication won't be as fast as on a local network say. However, InstruManager caches most of the information it uses on your local machine, and checks for updates when necessary. As such the amount of network traffic is minimised.

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