Checking Out/In

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Checking Out/In

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Whilst Bookings express the intention to use equipment, it is the checking-out / in system that let's InstruManager keep track of what actually happened.

To this end, equipment gets checked-out when a user acquires the equipment, and checked back in when it is returned. This provides the following advantages:


- Responsibility is accurately transferred between the company and the user. This means damaged or missing equipment can be accurately investigated.

- The checking-out process helps users ensure they take and return the correct equipment.

- InstruManager knows exactly how many times and for what duration equipment has been used. This may assist with decision making about when items need to be replaced (for example, the number of times a rechargeable battery has been used and recharged), which items are most popular etc.

- By setting up a Check-Out Message, users get pertinent information at the right time (such as "Remember to make sure a memory card is inserted into the meter").

- Check-in is the perfect time to feed back any issues experienced with the equipment, and InstruManager has a built in system to do this.

- Check-in is also the perfect time to log any return variables being tracked, such as calibration drift, full charge voltage etc.


See the following for information about how to check-out / check-in equipment.

Checking Out

Checking In