Print Equipment Itinerary Window

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Print Equipment Itinerary Window

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The Print Equipment Itinerary function allows you to generate a document containing information about all equipment.


Printing Options

The Printing Options allow you to specify the page orientation, select to automatically fit to the page width, and the dates covered by any date-related fields, such as number of uses, faults, total usage time etc.


Data to Include

Select the fields to be included in the itinerary from the accordion on the right of the window, then use the buttons at the bottom to preview, print (through the standard windows dialog), or save to PDF.


Tip - The Print Equipment Itinerary function prints the equipment currently listed in the Equipment pane. As such, if you only want to print all the items of a certain type, for example, use the filter on the pane to select the desired type before clicking the Itinerary button.