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User Window

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The Name of the User.



Selects whether a User is an ordinary user, or an administrator. The differences are as follows:

-Users can only book and check-in/out equipment items and have no access to the Administration area.

-Administrators have full access to the Administration area, meaning they can make changes to equipment, users, put items on the Notice Board etc. Administrators can also be assigned responsibility for equipment.



If InstruManager is set up to Send Notifications by Email, this is the email address of the user where notifications will be sent.


Equipment Responsibility (Only visible if Administrator is selected)

Administrators will only receive notifications for items of equipment they are responsible for. The Equipment Responsibility area selects which items of equipment this administrator has responsibility for. Alternatively, the 'All Equipment' check box can be selected, meaning the administrator has responsibility for all equipment. Note - there is no limit on the number of administrators that can be assigned responsibility for each equipment item.